Two Renowned Techniques of Hair Restoration


Two Renowned Techniques of Hair Restoration

Hair transplant is the newest craze among those who have lost their hair and it is also for those who want to acquire the attractive and unique look. It is the greatest blessing for the bald people whose own body hair is used to fill the bald portion. The next question that arises in the mind of the person is that whether it is safe or not? After that, they think that whether it has long lasting effect or not?

What is the procedure of transplant?

It is the surgical process which involves transferring of hair from any area of the body like face or legs and plants them to the bald location. This process is also work in transplanting hair in lashes and eyebrows.

Types of the hair transplant techniques: There are two types of latest hair transplant technique

  1. FUT: FUT Stands for the Follicular Unit Transplantation. This process involves removal of little strip of tissue from the back of the head. The hair follicles are harvested from the strip.FUT is the latest technique and it is helpful to achieve the desired level of results. In a single session, it transplants range of the grafts. This procedure is time sensitive and it involves lots of cost. But hair transplant cost in India is less costly as compare to other countries.


  • It is basically used to fill the smaller donor area.


    • Swelling in the scalp

    • More time for healing the area.

  1. FUE: it is the best methods for removing the baldness. There are numbers of permanent hair restoration technique but experts the top priority to the Follicular Unit extraction.


  1. The first advantage is that there are no scars visible. So it is the best surgery where there is no clue of surgery.

  2. The advantage is that there is not any kind of inflammation or swelling after the treatment.

  3. The more interesting aspect is that no hair is taken from the scalp but from the other parts of the body.

  4. With this, it is possible to get free from hair in single session. So, this is the instant method.

  5. This process doesn’t involve any kind of the stitching.

  6. Moreover, it is the outpatient treatment. After the treatment, patient can go to home on the same day.

  7. Only local anesthesia is used.

  8. There is not any kind of the deep wounds in this process.

  9. This technique guarantees that you will get the natural hair lines.

  10. The recovery, in this case, is frequent and you will get the results very quickly. You get the results within few days.

This is the only treatment that guarantees that you will have natural hair.Fue is the advanced technology and has great results only when you choose the best hair transplant in India. Profile cosmetic surgery has all types of equipments and expert team to make the hair transplantation process very easy.

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