What are Some Skin Woes and Treatments


What are Some Skin Woes and Treatments

Dry skin is a big menace, especially in the winter season. If you are tired of dealing with your dry skin and are looking for some sure shot solutions for treating it, we have the best tips right from a renowned plastic surgeon. People look for permanent solutions for their skin through plastic surgery, but dry skin is a minor problem that needs just some care.

Caring for Dry Skin

The dry windy conditions cause dry skin. Direct exposure to sunlight also leads to dryness in the skin. Even if you spend most of the time indoors, you will feel the dryness, due to the hot air systems working day and night to keep you warm. The most effective weapon against these problems is to stay well hydrated throughout the day. Drinking about 8 glasses of water a day will keep your skin glowing and soft. Using a heavy moisturizer will help further. Try applying the moisturizer after bath as it will help in retaining the moisture of the wet skin.

Flaky Skin and how to avoid it 

Flaky skin is often caused by the use of harsh bath soaps and extremely cold temperatures. Check the pH level of your soap, if it is high, it may damage the external layer of the skin, causing flakiness. It is better to switch to a gentler soap, having exfoliating properties. This will help in the removal of the external layer without making the skin dry.

While bathing, be careful not to use very hot water as it tends to strip the moisture of the skin. Also, put on moisturizer right after the bath to lock the moisture in.

Be aware of Eczema and Psoriasis Flare-ups 

If you suffer from skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, then the harsh winter weather can lead to a flare-up. It may also be triggered by new skin products, the use of new fabrics like wool, or too many layers of clothing.  Stress can also be the reason behind the flare-up.

To prevent these flare-ups in winter, you must follow the tips mentioned below –

  • Change the scented laundry products for unscented ones. They will be hypoallergenic and not cause any problems.
  • Get the new clothing washed or dry cleaned before wearing them. It is best to stick to an eco-friendly process to get them cleaned.
  • Use the Patch-testing method to test the new skin products before using them on other parts of the body.
  • Opt for regular meditation or yoga to reduce the stress factor in your life.

We often tend to take great care of our skin during summer but forget to do the same during winters. However, taking good care of it in the winter as well will help you keep it supple and beautiful. Just follow the above tips and you will have no winter skin problems. Just take care to keep your skin well moisturized and avoid hot baths. Keep up the hydration level by consuming a lot of water and use meditation to reduce the stress in your life.

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