What Happens to My Chest after a Gynecomastia Surgery?


What Happens to My Chest after a Gynecomastia Surgery?

For men who anxiously hoping for a better life after a gynecomastia surgery, questions as to what happens to the chest after the surgery can’t be contained. Well, it is normal and natural to wonder about the body’s performance, shape, and endurance after any surgery.

The good news is that contemporary gynecomastia surgeries or male breast reduction surgeries are minimally invasive with greater efficacy for a quality life after the plastic surgery. For those sceptical about the would-be results, it is absolutely recommended that you talk to your surgeon about every fear/worry.

However, this is what to expect after a Gynecomastia surgery.

Since the surgery is performed by removing the oversized glandular tissue with or without excess fat, the surgeon will definitely introduce a drain to collect fluid or remaining blood. It can either be a single drain or two, depending on the type of the surgery.

Although some surgeons may see no need to use the drains, they are known to speed up healing and also help in sculpting the chest. The drains are inserted with the help of small incisions and stitches.

  • Concerned over an infection

A gynecomastia surgery is professionally conducted by an experienced surgeon for precision and efficacy to prevent complications. It is necessary that a patient undergoes a gynecomastia surgery in an advanced cosmetic centre where various aspects are evaluated. In some cases, some males are provided with medications to ease on anxiety and antibiotics after the surgery. It is also vital to follow a surgeon’s instructions during post-op. Avoid ibuprofen products.

  • Tips For toning the chest

Weight lifting or exercises aren’t recommended in the first two weeks to prevent complications. Depending on the type of the surgery, some patients may embark on exercising after 3 weeks or a month. However, taking a short walk is recommended during the recovery period for best results.

Dietary measures are also quite important after the surgery. Take in a lot of water and fluids in addition to soft foods. Using straws in the first days will help you combat painful postures. Report to the surgeon in case of pain.

Talk to your surgeon for effective sculpting tips as per your surgery.

Your Chest after Recovery

It is necessary to note that results aren’t witnessed immediately after the surgery. Some patients may take 4 months before realizing a perfectly shaped chest or breasts. With over 100, 000 procedures performed worldwide, the surgery has been termed effective in delivering the intended results.

75% of patients are left with perfectly sculpted chests and as well significantly happy with the results. Physical exercises are recommended to retain the results as well as a proper lifestyle.

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