What Makes Celebrities Look The Way They Look?


What Makes Celebrities Look The Way They Look?

The showbiz world is full of many memorable things, many attractive things. We all are surely are huge fans of this industry and are all ears to know everything about the movie stars, (I mean, I am a big gan, can’t say anything about others). We all love seeing the glamour of this industry. But, many times w ignore the negative or the dark aspect of the brightly lit world. Today I am going to talk about the surgeries that some of the stars have done, in order to look all the more wow. Lets quickly have a peek.

  • Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner has changed a lot since she got a cosmetic surgery done for herself. She has completely changed and that too for the better. She has also got herself lip injections and fillers done, all of which have been wonderful for her.

  • Megan Fox

She earned herself fame with Transformers when she also had done a beauty treatment for herself. The new Megan looks much hotter than what we have seen earlier. Her career is also on the peak.

  • Angelina Jolie

Angelina has been blessed with good looks from both her parents, besides this she also got plastic surgery done, for enhancing her pretty face, She got a nose job done, which minimized the size of the bone, of the tip eventually making it smaller in size. The surgery only added the cherry on top of the cake. She looks gorgeous as ever.

  • Sridevi

The legend, the most beautiful actress of earlier times, who always looked younger than her real age was because of the many surgeries that she underwent. Her fans (including me) even to this day, know her for her endless beauty, from her films like Lamhe, Chandni and the more recent one Mom, the actress went on to do a nose job, along with botox, facelifting and not to forget body- tucking, also.

  • Anushka Sharma

Anushka was in the rounds of controversy for her new lips. Her lips were the topic of discussion with every other person, but she said that she is also a human and just like anyone else even she is not perfect. We love her for this.

  • Vaani Kapoor

She was seen in Shudh Desi Romance. She got her chin, lips, and face transformed. She did not accept the fact that she has undergone cosmetic surgery.

  • Shruti Hassan

She openly accepts the fact that she has undergone a nose surgery. She was also heard of getting a lip job done, which she denies, point blankly.

  • Shilpa Shetty

She has been the winner of Big Brother, one of India’s most famous celebrities, who is a big yoga enthusiast. She has undergone two nose jobs, which have mad the look all the more beautiful.

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