Who Is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?


Who Is a Good Candidate for a Tummy Tuck?

Tummy tuck procedure demand is increasing all over the world because of the results it gives to the person. If you are struggling with loose and saggy skin, then this procedure can do wonders. in this guide, we are going to tell you who is the good candidate to undergo the treatment of tummy tuck.


Undergoing any surgical procedure, you must choose the best surgeon who makes sure to tell you everything in detail. One of the main questions which come in the mind of patients is, “Am I a suitable candidate to go undergo the treatment?” Most of the patients asked this question while getting the tummy tuck surgery. Let’s understand in detail who is a good candidate to undergo this cosmetic surgery.

Tummy tuck procedure

Tummy tuck treatment is for the people who are facing the issue of saggy and loose skin over the abdomen. They might focus on their diet and follow an exercise regime but it is not giving them the results they are looking for.

During the surgery, the excess abdominal skin is removed along with fat. After that, the skin is tightened along with the surrounding muscles. Undergoing this procedure, helps the patient to get a perfect looking figure and a flat abdominal wall which they always wished for.

Suitable Candidate of Tummy Tuck Surgery

  • One of the important things is the patient should have good mental and physical health. Along with that, the habit of smoking and drinking should be avoided. The people prefer this surgery because they are unhappy with the excess fat and tissues on the abdomen.
  • Women who have given birth to a child and have overstretched abdominal muscles can choose to undergo the treatment.
  • The patients who have lost a significant amount of weight can also get the treatment. These are the patients who have chosen weight loss surgery or bariatric surgery. In such cases, the patient is left with loose and saggy skin on the abdomen and other body parts.
  • Individuals who are facing the issue of saggy skin due to aging can also get the treatment from the best surgeon.

Who should not get the tummy tuck treatment?

In case, you are thinking to conceive then you need to wait to get the surgery. This is because, after the pregnancy, the skin will become loose again and you won’t be able to enjoy the results of this surgery.

People who are extremely overweight need to wait to get the treatment. First, you must lose some weight. If you are not sure what to do then consult the doctor and understand what you should do to get the surgery.

For more information, book your consultation with the surgeon and clear all your doubts right away.

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