Why Do ‘Boobs’ In Men Grow Back Even After Surgery?


Why Do ‘Boobs’ In Men Grow Back Even After Surgery?

You will find no man who will want to have ‘boobs’.
In case any man is seen with them must be very low in confidence and his masculinity also must be hurting.
Gynecomastia is a medical condition for those men who have breasts, it is certainly not a rare condition. Around 10 – 20 % ( if not more) young men face this problem. It is a myth that Gynecomastia is not related to fat or weight-related problem, it is mostly due to the imbalance of female and male sex hormones, male breasts first happen when the young boy is about to enter puberty and stays lifelong.
Gynecomastia surgery is the benchmark for male boobs. It is a common surgery performed under local anaesthesia, the male chest is curved with liposuction and a hard gland is taken out by a small cut done in the nipple. The surgery is said to be a permanent cure, but we still are unsure about this thing, let’s seek answers to these and more questions.

Overweight people have around 90% enlargement of fat and around 10 % is breast glands present under nipples, if liposuction is performed it will have a better look, but even if a small gland is left, it can cause dissatisfaction, it may not be visible in lying down position, but small Gynecomastia may be there.

2. Improper surgery:

If the surgery is done under local anaesthesia and the issue is big, then it becomes difficult to remove the gland or fat completely if patients start having pain.

3 Weight gain post surgery:
Weight gain does not cause gynecomastia to come back. But in Fatty individuals with loose skin on the chest, this is more common. Gland does not grow( if removed), but in case of excess weight gain, the chest can have fat deposited. When the surgery is done with thin and normal weight people, then this issue doesn’t arise.

4 Steroids:

Bodybuilders are the ones who mostly have issues with this because breasts gland responds to steroid sand hence get huge. Their body fat is limited,

What can be done to avoid Gynecomastia?What can be done to avoid Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia Surgery in Punjab is quite successful surgery, very safe and permanent. its chances of recurrence are very less, a healthy weight and general health are what is required

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