Working of Breast Reduction Treatment


Working of Breast Reduction Treatment

Girls often worry about the breast size as they get mature. Sometimes, the woman’s breast size is large which can result in a downside. If you feel awkward about the condition that undergoing breast reduction is the perfect option. Let’s understand the treatment in detail.

Treatment of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is also known as mammoplasty which is a cosmetic procedure. During breast reduction surgery, breast size is reduced by getting rid of excess fat, glandular tissue, and skin. Our cosmetic surgeon will work you to make your breasts look proportionate and uplifted by moving the nipples upwards and areola size is reduced.

The surgery results can last for around 3 hours. When you visit the hospital, the surgeon will consult you before the treatment and then understand what is going on. The surgeon will draw surgical marks and then do the surgery to solve the problem.

Techniques of Breast Reduction

The surgeon will use different techniques to determine which scarring you will have:


  • Anchor type or inverted T reduction


The common breast reduction technique is the anchor type. The incision is made around the areola and then the surgeon goes vertically down and along the natural breast crease, he will go horizontally.


  • Vertical pattern breast reduction


Vertical pattern breast reduction which results in a scar around the areola and then it goes downwards. With this method, there is no scar left under the breast and this decreases the chance of wound. With this technique it leaves a small fold of the skin and then it leaves a vertical scar.


  • Circumareolar reduction


With this technique, around the areola, there is a circular scar. This option is going to work the best if there is a need to remove tissue in small amounts.

Once the surgery is completed, the incisions are stitched up and the breast is supported with wrapped bandages. After the surgery, there is the need to wear a supportive surgical bra for 6 weeks to get better results. You might need to stay overnight in the hospital and your doctor will tell you this before the treatment starts.

Is there swelling after the surgery?

After the surgery, it is common to have bruising and swelling which subsides within 1 to 2 weeks. There might be some numbness or tingling in certain body parts which can stop after 1 to 2 weeks.

It is important to take proper care for 1 to 2 weeks and full recovery will take 2 to 6 weeks. During, this time you need to avoid following the exercise regime

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The best part of the treatment is that our surgeon can tailor the treatment according to your needs and you will get the best possible results.

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