Cost of Hair Transplant

Cost of Hair Transplantation in India

Perhaps you are puzzled about the right surgeon, hair transplant centre and the affordable or specifically a friendly hair transplant cost in India. We completely understand the patients’ commonest question regarding hair transplant in India and “the cost” bit gets really complex and comprehensive.

You will certainly involve yourself in a survey purposely to inquire about the possibility of getting hair transplant packages and discounts or half price if possible.

Certain facts to note about hair transplant cost

  • Some hair transplant centres provide packages and discounts, but these may come during a festival season. The question is whether you may find a favorable hair transplant centre with packages that suit you.
  • Hair transplant prices do not majorly differ from one hair transplant centre to another. The facilities at a centre may hike the cost, but it is largely determined by your own requirements.
  • Some hair transplant centres like Profile provide opportunities of booking a hair transplant procedure in advance and through this, one’s hair transplant cost can be minimum than an urgent procedure.
  • E-payment may earn you a discount or some free hair treatment products that may cut the cost.
  • The bleach of an appointment when scheduled may cost you more since a surgeon has to work on other patients.

Cost as per the Technique

There is a definite difference between FUE and FUT hair transplant procedures. The major difference being that hair follicles are extracted in a form of a strip in the latter procedure makes it enough to lessen the hair transplant cost.

The system of extracting individual follicular units in FUE is a bit lengthy and time-consuming and above all requires extra expertise with more technicians.

Estimated FUE Cost at our Centre & Around India

Level of Baldness Estimated NO. Of Grafts NO. of Sittings Lowest CosT (Rs) Highest Cost (Rs)
Level 3 & Below 1000 & below 1 29,000 47,000
Level 4 1700 1 45,000 69,000
Level 5 2000 to 2700 2 70,000 85,000
Level 6 3000 to 3500 2-3 90,000 1,00,000
Level 7 3600+ 3 1,20,000 1,50,000
Giga/Mega Sessions 4000+ 3 A huge amount A huge amount

Decision Making Regarding Cost

  • It is recommended that a patient considers a surgeon’s advice during the consultation vital. Any alternatives provided in our hair transplant centre are derived from the surgeon’s expertise, but not the “love of money”.
  • It is for our benefit that we provide excellent hair transplant procedures in India due to the fact that we are a well-established hair transplant centre.
  • Do not fall for either of the hair transplant techniques due to cost attraction, but rather, consider the underlying factors and the expected natural results.

FUT Cost

The Follicular Unit Transplantation technique is less costly compared to FUE. A hair transplant cost in Punjab, Ludhiana with the FUT technique ranges from RS.30, 000 to 1.5 lakh.

Regardless of the procedure, a patient may have to meet obvious charges like;

  • Anesthesia
  • Pre-medication cost
  • Post-medication charges
  • Travel expenses

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