Eyebrow/Eyelash Transplant in India

Understanding the Restoration of Eyebrow with Hair Transplant

Having bow shaped eyebrows can be the dream of everyone as eyebrows are important facial feature and twitch of brows can express your many emotions. These eyebrows also prevent your eyes from the dirt, sweating, and debris so overall we can say that eyebrows are a really important facial part.

To keep the frame of eyes safe and to retain the aesthetic appeal of the face people generally choose to modify their eyebrows to get the desired length, shape and density. There are many cosmetic attempts that can fulfill the desires of people but eyebrow transplant in India is the most effective, safest and permanent way to get the desired shape of eyebrows even if the person is not having the presence of hair on brows.

Eyebrow transplantation is the surgical method in which patients are given the complete restoration of their hair on brows with the desired shape, length, and density. For eyebrow restoration, FUE procedure is used as it is the effective and advanced method that can restore hair without visible scars.

Understanding the Restoration of Eyebrow with Hair Transplant

What is the Procedure of Eyebrow Transplantation?

For eyebrow restoration FUE procedure is used and before the surgery patient is examined for his overall good health and even asked for his expectations for the shape, length, and density of the eyebrows.

Then our best surgeon outlines the desired shape of eyebrows and divides the portion of eyebrows in three parts that are head, middle and tail as per their direction and density.

Then the donor hair follicles are selected from the back head as per their exact match in term of length, texture, and color with the existing hair follicles of eyebrows. The one by one hair is plucked and transplanted flat to the skin in the outlined shape of eyebrows so that they can look natural after surgery.

FUE is the most preferred and ideal procedure not only for the scalp hair restoration, eyebrow restoration but also for eyelash hair transplant in Punjab as it can give the satisfactory, undetectable, natural and lifetime results to the patient after surgery but if it is performed by the efficient, skilled and experienced surgeon with his best knowledge and artistic skills

What to Expect after Surgery

After surgery for initial 4-5days patient may experience redness, swelling or mild pain in the treated area but all these surgical symptoms get healed in 4-5 days and after one week patient can resume his all activities as per the instruction and recommendations of the surgeon.

Thus eyebrow hair transplant is the effective and safe procedure to get the desired shape of eyebrows and even, eyebrow transplant cost in Ludhiana is quite reasonable so consult today to get the eyebrows of best shape, length, and density.

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