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Fat Grafting “Fat transfer” in the World of Plastic Surgery

The cosmetology field, as well as the plastic surgery sphere, have evolved in the last decade and currently, there isn’t any body reconstruction procedure that falls out of this bracket. When we talk about fat transfer procedures, this is an advanced body reconstruction approach that involves using a patient’s own fat. Initially, fat was suctioned out of the body, in a procedure known as liposuction and this fat was rendered a waste.

However, due to technology advancements, plastic surgeons found numerous ways to put this fat to use and fat grafting or transfer is currently a top solution for body rejuvenation.

What is Fat Grafting All About?

Fat grafting is generally a surgical procedure that involves removal of fat from one region of the body to another in order to improve the outward appearance of the region. This procedure basically tasks the surgeon to relocate fat from the outer thigh regions, buttocks, hips, or legs to the breasts, face, buttocks, and hands to improve their volume.

Fat transfer results are basically appealing, natural, and long-lasting.

What is the Fat Transfer Procedure in India?

The fat transfer procedure can be detailed in three simple steps;

Step 1- Fat Harvesting

During a consultation, the surgeon must have identified the fat-filled regions where fat is to be extracted. During the actual procedure, the surgeon will administer local anaesthesia and then create a tiny incision in the intended region. A cannula is then connected to a syringe and the fat is extracted in a procedure known as liposuction.

Step 2- Fat Treatment

The retrieved fat is then centrifuged to separate the fat into three layers. Once it is purified, the second layer of live fat cells is separated and preserved to be introduced in another region.

Step 3- Fat Placement or Re-injection

The surgeon will prepare the intended region with an incision where a needle is inserted. This injection is passed to and fro in the region during which an amount of fat is deposited in the body depression to re-contour it. A good amount of fat is normally required since some fat is usually absorbed by the body. This step is repeated multiple times until the desired appearance is obtained.

Who Requires Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting or fat transfer in Punjab, Ludhiana is an open solution to any depression in the body. Normally, patients who require fat transfer are those with;

  • Sunken body regions or depressions
  • Those who prefer the fat transfer approach to implants and fillers
  • Those who desire to re-contour their breasts
  • Those who desire to re-shape or rejuvenate any of their body regions.

What Happens During a Consultation

Your consultation prior to a fat transfer procedure is a specialized phase of your treatment. It is supposed to be an open conversation in which your goals are properly disclosed to the surgeon. During this phase, the surgeon will evaluate possible fatty locations from which the fat will be extracted. The in which this fat ought to be introduced are also examined to determine the amount of fat required.

Expect these and similar questions from your surgeon;

  • Have you ever undergone any surgery?
  • What is your current medical condition?
  • Are you under any treatment?
  • What medications are you taking or which supplements?
  • Do you accept to abide by the surgical instructions?
  • Do you smoke or take any kind of drug?

Fat Transfer Procedures “Options”

Fat transfer is applicable in the following body reconstruction approaches

  • Breast Augmentation

Ladies who desire to increase their breast volume slightly are good candidates for fat grafting in India, however, those who desire to alter the shape and size of their breasts must opt for other surgical procedures. Breast augmentation with fat transfer only works when a woman has moderately well shaped breasts with a good tone and less skin.

Other cases where fat grafting is applicable is after a mastectomy or after battling breast cancer.

  • Facial Contouring

When it comes to facial contouring, fat transfer is an excellent option. With this approach, fat can be introduced in various regions like the cheeks, lips, and any depression. The fat will certainly eliminate all fine lines, crow’s feet, wrinkles, depressions left by scars and lastly alter the volume of your face.

  • Buttocks Augmentation

Fat transfer with buttocks augmentation is an excellent option for women who desire to get a fuller butt. In this case, fat is grafted from your outer thighs or hips and introduced in your buttocks.

How is the Recovery Period Like?

Drains may be placed to collect any fluid and have to be removed after a few days. Bruising, swelling, and minor pain are common.

The surgeon will provide suitable instructions to help you look after the treated regions.

You will not be able to go out in public for at least 3 weeks in case bandages are applied.

Fat Grafting Results To Expect

Fat grafting or transfer procedures deliver natural results that alter one’s overall body shape. However, the longevity of your results depends on the amount of fat introduced in the intended region and the nourishment the fat receives.


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