Fut Hair Transplant

The Follicular Unit Transplantation Technique (Advanced FUT Practices)

Hair Transplantation as a surgical means of hair restoration is gaining more popularity due to its efficacy. The two main techniques of hair transplantation require a highly trained plastic surgeon, cosmetic surgeon or a specialized hair transplant surgeon to extract hair grafts from one area of the scalp or the body and implant it on the scalp or the different regions of the body.

Hair Transplantation is utilized for mainly two reasons;

  • Restore hair in the bald or thinning region
  • Increase the density in the thinning region

There are also two techniques of hair transplantation mainly known as the follicular unit extraction (FUE) and the follicular unit transplantation (FUT).
FUT hair transplant surgery

The Follicular Unit Transplantation

The FUT technique always requires a surgeon to remove a strip of a small cluster of hairs from the donor region of the scalp. The strip is then sent to a laboratory where it is dissected under quality magnifications of microscopes and they are then stored in a saline solution until implanted into the bald region of the scalp.

When performed by a skilled hair surgeon, the FUT hair transplant in Punjab, Ludhiana will produce aesthetic results that replicate the natural growth of hair in the formerly bald region.

Why choose the FUT technique in India?

The advanced FUT practices at Profile Cosmetic Surgery Centre are truly standardized FUT protocols to produce the desired results in patients. The hair grafts are carefully extracted through a strip and the wound is then properly stitched with the help of the advanced Trichophytic Closure technique.

The technique will produce no visible scars once our talented surgeon operates on the patient.

The Cost of the FUT technique

When compared to the FUE technique, the FUT hair transplant cost in India is way too far less than the FUE procedure. Within a single sitting, a surgeon is able to obtain more than 500 grafts in single strip depending on the length of the strip obtained. This cuts down the time and the money that is charged when a single graft is extracted with the FUE technique.

Other advantages of FUT procedure

  • It is performed under local anesthesia, so you won’t feel any pain
  • More hair grafts are produced in a single sitting
  • Natural results are produced when performed by an experienced surgeon
  • It covers a larger bald region within a single sitting
  • Produces a higher density

Limitations of the technique

  • Requires more time during dissecting
  • Requires high expertise to formulate an aesthetic hairline
  • May require more sittings

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