Hair Transplant in Phagwara

Hair Transplant for Males & Female

Hair loss is one of the most significant drawbacks among males and females today. Hair loss begins with a minor, but observable hair fall and then it advances to thinning culminating into a bald patch in most males.

Technology presents a permanent solution to hair loss as hair transplant a technique developed decades ago. Trained and experienced hair transplant surgeons are authorized to transfer and implant hair in both males and females as long as they are eligible candidates.

What makes one eligible for Hair Transplant in Phagwara

The eligibility of a man or a woman can only be confirmed through a consultation with an experienced surgeon. Measurements and evaluations are performed to ascertain the extent of hair fall and then devise the best plans.

  • A patient must be in total proper health
  • There must be adequate donor hair at least on the scalp and on the body if required
  • A patient must have an obvious bald patch since minor thinning can be corrected by nonsurgical means
  • A patient must be above at least the age of 20, but it is best that one undergoes a hair transplant at the age of 24
  • One must have realistic expectations
  • The willingness and capability of postoperative care and treatment, but generally, change of lifestyle

What is hair transplantation?

Technically, hair transplant is the process of transferring hair from one region of the scalp (donor) and implanting it into the recipient region. The procedure requires well-trained technicians and surgeons to extract the desired hair follicles and implant them meticulously.

Hair Transplant Procedures

From the following, you will know the available options to correct any body region in case you are a hair loss victim.

The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure (FUE) is simply a technique where hair follicles are harvested individually from the donor area and implanted in the recipient region with the help of a micropunch and fine needles. This particular type of hair transplant in Phagwara results in natural hair results with no visible scars.

The Follicular Unit Transplantation is simply a procedure that requires a surgeon to extract a bunch of hair follicles in the form of a strip, dissect it to achieve individual units and implant them carefully in the bald region.

Body Hair Transplant (BHT)

The BHT procedures generally utilize the FUE technique where individual hair grafts are extracted from the scalp or the body and implanted in the different regions of the body. The procedure is commonly used to attain more follicular units.

Beard Hair Transplant

This particular procedure utilizes the FUE technique where individual hair follicles are extracted from the scalp and then implanted in the beard region to eliminate patches or construct a beard.

Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eyebrows have numerous purposes and are greatly significant in completing one’s beauty. Eyebrows may suddenly fall out due to an illness or treatment such as cancer treatments. An eyebrow hair transplant helps patients recover the best density or restore their eyebrows to the former design.

Robotic Hair Transplant

This is completely technical and requires a highly experienced surgeon’s presence. The procedure is basically performed by a robot and it is one of the greatest achievements in the hair restoration field though may greatly be costly. A hair transplant cost in Phagwara with the help of the robotic technique will certainly require lakhs, so, a patient must plan for any hair transplant technique before it kicks off.

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