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Male Breast Reduction Surgery in India - Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia refers to the enlargement of a man’s breast. The physical problem attacks both boys and male adults and can cause an enormous psychological impact (negative) on a man. The physical deformity is generally due the hormonal imbalances that in 50% of males.

Young boys may suffer from gynecomastia, but this may change over time due to hormonal imbalances at the stage of puberty, in the case of adults, surgical treatment may be the only means to successfully treat gynecomastia. The procedure is safe and effective for any level of gynecomastia.

Causes of Breast Enlargement in males

Breast enlargement in males occurs when there is an enlargement of the breast tissue or increment in fat and skin.

Pseudogynecomastia, which is the accumulation of fatty tissue in the breast region can easily be eliminated with the help of diet alterations and exercises, without the need for male breast reduction treatment in India.

On the other hand, the enlargement of the glandular tissue, which is commonly first witnessed with the enlargement of the nipples, will require a surgery to eliminate the breasts.

  • Hormonal imbalance is the primary cause of gynecomastia in males. Cases where your testosterone levels have diminished so greatly, this could lead to the enlargement of the fatty and glandular tissue
  • Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  • Liver or kidney problems
  • Accumulation of estrogen mimickers from the environment may also cause the enlargement of breast tissues

The Procedure of Male Breast Reduction Surgery


In the case of fatty tissue enlargement, the ultrasonic liposuction method may be the male breast reduction technique used to flatten the chest.

The gynecomastia surgery can be divided into other two forms, such as;
The Minimally invasive surgery
A tiny incision is made at the edge of the nipple and the excess glandular tissue will be removed after liposuction.

The Webster Incision
In this method, an incision is made underneath the areola and it is only in the lower half.

The Cost of a male breast reduction surgery

$4,300 to $8,000 is the average cost of the gynecomastia surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab, but other factors are considered for an individual’s Male Breast Reduction Treatment. An extensive surgery will be required in the case of extended glandular enlargement.

When will I see the Results?

The surgeon’s expertise is obviously crucial in case one desires to attain 100% results. The surgeon’s credentials and experience must be considered before one sits down for a surgery.

Results will be seen after 3 or 4 months, depending on each individual case.

One must watch over his diet and exercises to maintain the results.


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