PRP Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” To Restore Your Mane

PRP Therapy is one of the most effective hair restoration approaches with its market too large to overlook. It is a non-surgical/non-invasive treatment for moderate hair loss in both men and women. Although an open path to a fuller head, patients ought to consult an experienced dermatologist or hair transplant surgeon before having the treatment performed.

The hair restoration technique is aesthetically performed at Profile Cosmetic surgery and hair transplant centre using specialized hair surgical tools from abroad. The hair specialist designs the hairline, and the crown region to match a patient’s requirements and expectations.

Platelet Rich Plasma “PRP” & What It Entails

PRP is basically a therapeutic hair restoration approach but was primarily known in the orthopaedic field. The science of PRP emerges from the fact that human blood contains numerous cells and platelets are among them. Platelets play a vital role in the body, due to enabling healing in the case of a cut or an accident. They generally aid in blood clotting.

Due to research and technology advancements, it was found that the platelets contain growth factors that facilitate healing. This is the major reason why this practice was introduced in the hair restoration field.

How Does PRP Work in the Hair Restoration Field?

The process of PRP treatment in Ludhiana Punjab is simple but requires expertise to derive a rich concentration that can offer maximum results. The treatment procedure is as follows;

Blood Extraction “Sample”

A blood sample of about 60cc is obtained from a patient using sterilized needles. The collected blood is evaluated after which it is transferred to the test tubes.

The Centrifugation Phase

This phase is divided into several steps that generally require a doctor to spin the blood for a few minutes and then remove it. The blood components are separated and the remaining are then centrifuged again.

The derived platelet liquid is again divided into portions and the rich concentration will be used.

PRP Administration

PRP therapy is performed via injections using the rich concentration. Generally, the platelet cells are injected in the thinning spot of the scalp and these cells will stimulate the stem cells in the body. As a result, the growth phase of your hair cycle is prolonged and hair thinning is combated. This phase is pain-free.

Advantages of PRP Therapy in India

  • Specialized/Individualized treatment
  • Boosts hair growth
  • Eliminates hair thinning
  • Improves the texture and the density of the hair
  • No infections associated
  • Applicable after a hair transplant
  • Combats hair loss

Facts to Consider Before PRP Treatment

  • You will require an evaluation before treatment otherwise extended cases of hair loss are only solved by a hair transplant
  • You will have to quit smoking for a week before the treatment
  • Some patients complain about headaches, minor bleeding (where the treatment is administered), and redness after the procedure
  • You are advised to keep the scalp clean before the treatment

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