Thigh Lift Surgery

The Modern Thigh Lift Surgery (Thighplasty)

A thigh lift surgery is a modern transformative approach that aims at sculpting the thighs. It is one of the commonly performed procedures in India for problematic thighs. For those, especially ladies whose thighs remain bulky, heavy, and sagging, the procedure is an ultimate solution to living a happier life.

Get to Understand a Thigh Lift Surgery

A thigh lift surgery is a procedure that eliminates excess fat, skin, and tissue from the thighs. The procedure is a top solution for the accumulated fat, cellulite, skin, and a sagging appearance that tends to make one appear older. The procedure is commonly considered when weight loss techniques like diet and exercises fail to tone the thighs as desired.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for a Thigh Surgery?

Just like any other surgeries, there are various considerations taken before a thigh lifts, like;

  • You must have a stable weight
  • You must be a non-smoker
  • You generally must be healthy
  • You must have realistic expectations

In addition, a thigh lift surgery is not ideal for patients with inflamed blood vessels, a condition known as phlebitis. A patient ought to understand the involved risks, especially those prone to scarring.

Preparation for a Thigh Lift?

You will certainly get your surgery guidelines from the surgeon before the procedure. You will be asked to stop any medications in case required, such as aspirin, non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, or supplements.

Patients are requested to stop smoking at least a month prior to the procedure alongside any act of alcoholism. Some patients are also requested to avoid heavy meals during the day, just before their surgery.

The Standard Thigh Lift Procedure?

The procedure is performed under anaesthesia or intravenous sedation, meaning that you won’t feel any pain. There are basically two surgical approaches for a thigh lift surgery in Ludhiana, Punjab and they include; Inner (medial) thigh lift and Outer (lateral) thigh lift.

  • The Inner (medial) thigh lift

This procedure is performed by creating an incision along the junction that is between the thigh and the pubic region. The surgeon will then remove the excess skin and fat or either of them and lastly suture the incision.

  • The Outer (lateral) thigh lift

Modern thigh lift approaches enable the surgeon to aesthetically perform this surgery, even though it requires extended incisions. During this procedure, the surgeon will improve the contours of the outer thigh and the incision made, normally extends from the groin region, past the hip to the back side.  The surgeon will tighten the skin on the front part and on the outer side.

Post-op of My Thigh Lift Surgery

You will certainly have dressings or bandages at the incised sites. Drains may be placed under the skin to collect any fluid and blood. Bruising and swelling are some of the side effects and are completely normal. Post-op instructions are provided depending on your surgery type among which you will;

  • Be required to return to the surgeon.
  • Have to take the medications as prescribed.
  • Have to wear a compression garment for about three weeks.
  • Have to limit your movements and activities, especially those that hike your heart beat.
  • Have to utilize cold compresses, or ice packs relieve discomfort and reduce swelling.

What Will My Thigh Lift Results Be?

A majority of patients report desired outcomes and are completely proud of the transformation. Certainly, you will have perfectly contoured thighs with no sagging skin. Results are generally tighter, leaner, and attractive thighs.

The scars will fade with time and your results can be maintained through a healthy weight.

How Much Will a Thigh Lift Surgery Cost in India?

Thigh lift prices range from Rs. 100, 000 to 650, 000, but an average thigh lift surgery will cost you Rs. 80, 000. It should be noted that surgical approaches and goals differ from one patient to another in addition to the clinic where you plan to have your surgery performed. All these are cost determinants.

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